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Find Fashion Flair With Front Porch Lighting

July 27th, 2013 by admin

Looking fashionable has always been a goal of yours. In your younger years, you were primarily concerned with your clothing. However, as you have aged, you also want to make your house look fashionable as well. What are some reasons why front porch lighting provides you with more fashion that you ever could have imagined?

Well, when people drive up to your house, the lighting is going to be one of the first things that they Read the rest of this entry »

If Ya Snooze, Ya Lose Without Lighting Hues

May 22nd, 2013 by admin

Have you ever walked into a house or an office that was completely dark? If so, how did it make you feel? It probably made you feel as though you were trapped in some sort of cave. From that experience, you probably have some sense of how important lighting is in a home.

At the most basic level, lighting helps you to perform tasks without straining your eyes. Even if you think you are able to read in the dark, you might actually be hurting your eyes without knowing it. Years down the road, these issues could start to Read the rest of this entry »

Decorator Lamps Color Our World With Style

March 20th, 2013 by admin

You have probably been looking around your home trying to figure out what you can do to spice things up without spending a lot of money. Many people are making the decision to decorate with lamps. This is an affordable way to make a major improvement to any room. Every room in your home is going to have an overhead light that may seem a little overbearing. This is why every room should also had a lamp. This will Read the rest of this entry »

Light-up Tiles – Modernize Your Home

January 23rd, 2012 by admin

Ever see that Michael Jackson music video where he is walking down the street and the different flagstones light up as he steps on them? Did you walk away from that thinking how cool it would be to have something like that in your home? The truth is that light-up tiles such as the ones in the Billie Jean music video can be purchased for a number of different scenarios, and while being a little on the pricy side, they can turn your home from drab to modern if you have the cash and the time to put them in.

Aside from the modern design aesthetic, there are a plethora of applications this can be used for, as well. Placed in a bathroom, these tiles could activate and illuminate when someone steps inside – lighting their way through the bathroom at night without disturbing anyone. There are even waterproof light-up tiles that can be purchased for outdoor purposes.

With light-up tiles you can make a bold statement and modernize your home, as well as enjoying the safety applications. Of course, before you put something like this in you will need to check with green mountain energy services or whatever your electricity provider of choice to verify that you can support something like this.

Canned Lighting And The Ambient Archway

September 13th, 2011 by admin

Decorating can be a job sometimes that we don’t want to do. Luckily there are many pre-fixed decorations available out there than can help you get the job done. One great thing to do is to buy fixtures that resemble that of what you would find in a mansion. Chandeliers are considerably beautiful and often can be bought for much less through auctioning sites or you can use the alternative version which uses shot glass for Read the rest of this entry »

Pretty Pendant Lighting Pushing Porch Popularity

September 12th, 2011 by admin

In times past, porches used to be a popular place for gathering with friends and family. Then, for a variety of reasons, people stopped spending time on the porch. Now, with the trend toward designing outdoor living spaces steadily gaining popularity, porches are getting more attention. Front porches are being transformed into beautiful, comfortable places where family and friends can gather. One of the main items of decor than affects the appearance of the porch is the Read the rest of this entry »

Let Your Little Light Shine With Night Lights

September 11th, 2011 by

Quite often it’s the little things, such as a night light, that make a noticeable and decorative statement in a room.

From a practical standpoint, night lights are a safety feature for your home. In addition to their practicality, they can also be an attractive part of a room’s decor. Night lights for the living room, a master bedroom, or guest room can be found in a style and design that matches any decor.

Kids like to participate in choosing items for their room. Night Read the rest of this entry »

Bright Bulbs Bring Out The Best

September 10th, 2011 by admin

Have you ever noticed how different a home or business looks when the lighting is bright? When walking into any place of business or home, if the light is not bright and it should be, you often think the place is shoddy, not well maintained or even substandard. On the other hand, you can walk into a five and dime in the worst part of town and if the lighting is bright and the place is clean, you are fine and ready to look around.

When showcasing your home or preparing it for sale (staging) add the Read the rest of this entry »